What do I need to bring when I come in to arrange a Funeral?
You need the ID of the deceased, your ID and if a photo is required for the hymn sheet it would be useful to bring that as well.

Do you arrange Funerals for all Faith’s & Churches ?
Yes, we work with all Faith’s and Churches, throughout the Eastern Cape.

We don’t have a Minister!
We can arrange a Minister for you if required.

How do we obtain the Death Certificate of the deceased?
We will obtain the Death Certificate from Home Affairs on your behalf and give you certified copies.

Do we have to pay ‘storage’ fees for the deceased while funeral arrangements are being made?
No, we don’t charge storage fees for families using our funeral arrangement services.

What do I do when the person dies at home?
Simply phone us, we have a 24 hour removal service, 365 days a year.

Do I need to call a doctor?
If the person has passed away then it is not necessary to call the doctor as we will go via a hospital to get a declaration of death.

Do you have your own on site mortuary?
Yes First Avenue Funeral home has their own

Do you use a coffin for cremation?
Yes, the coffin is necessary for cremation.

What happens to the ashes?
We will assist the family by holding the ashes on our premises for a while until they are ready to collect them for internment or sprinkling.

Where do we have the service?
We have a beautiful Victorian chapel available for our services or we will go to a church or venue of your choice.

Do we collect people who have passed away from other provinces?
Yes, we organise the transport whether by road or air.

If one of my family members dies outside of South Africa, what happens?
We will liaise with the country in question to arrange repatriation from that country. If a loved one passes away whilst visiting South Africa, we can liaise with their country of origin to repatriate them.

I have a funeral policy from another Funeral Parlour, can we still use First Avenue?
Yes, bring the policy in with you and we will assist with the claim.